Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.X

When I power on my Citect computers running Windows 95, I would like to have it login automatically without operator intervention. How do I achieve this. 

To make 95 logon automatically you need to do the following. Under Control Panel - Network - Configuration, select "Windows Logon" as the Primary Network Logon. Create a Windows account with a blank password, logon using this account and then logon to other network resources making sure that you save the password in the password list file. You may also need to select "Network - Access Control - Share level access control" in Control Panel. Now when you restart, you will be automatically logged on. You can now put Citect in the Startup Folder so that Citect is also automatically started.

If you already have an account with a password then you can delete the <UserName>.PWL file in the Windows directory, next time you logon it will create a new file with the new password, or of course you could simply select the Password icon in control panel. Also the Windows account and the network accounts need to have the same name (the passwords can be different)

WARNING: With this configuration anybody can start the computer and access resources on the network for this account.