Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.x 4.x 5.x

The Fisher & Porter Micro DCI controllers are supported using Citect's MICROD driver.   What models are supported and what are the differences in the Citect setup between each?  

The previous version of MICROD driver supported only the MC5000 model.  An enhancement has been made to the MICROD driver such that it now supports following models:
Model IO Device form address
MC5000 n/0
MC1100 n/1
MC2002 n/2
MC6000 n/3
MC4000 n/4
KM2000 n/4

In the Communication | IODevice form, the address field is used to select a specific model. eg. if a MC2002 model PLC is used, then the address field should be "n/2" where is the address of the controller.

This new Microd driver has not been distributed with the Citect release yet, but it is available on BBS and FTP site.

Note: If your controller is not listed here, it may be that one of the existing options can be used. For example, the KM2000 was found to work in a manner similar to the MC4000, and is now listed here.