Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA x.x

Question: I want to know how many tasks can run together in parallel ? With the ' TaskNew() ' function one can have more than one task

running at the same time; what is the limit/restriction.


Function Startup()
TaskNew( "Task_1"
TaskNew( "Task_2"
TaskNew( "Task_n"


The maximum number of cicode threads is controlled by the parameter [code]threads. This parameter has a default of 64 cicode threads. So with the default setting you cal call TaskNew up to 63 times (1 thread is reserved for foreground cicode) before you get the out of cicode thread error. The maximum number of cicode threads has been increased to 512 in version 3.40 / 4.20. In previous versions the maximum number of cicode threads was 128.