Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

  1. DevNext() always returns error 294 (EOF):
    If the dBASE device is an indexed file then using DevNext returns error 294. After using DevFirst DevSeek to locate the first record (record 1), an error is always returned as the next record.
  2. Devfind() does not set file pointer at the found record:
    When DevOpen is used in mode 0 then the DevFind function is OK. But in indexed mode 2, although DevFind returns 0 to say that it has found the record, there is no way to get to your record or a field (using DevRecNo or DevGetField, etc) because the record pointer remains set to where DevOpen set it.

These problems are due to the lack of documentation on the dev functions when used in conjunction with an indexed database device.
  1. DevFind must be used before DevNext when using indexed databases.
  2. DevFind always returns the first record in index order when the database device is opened in indexed mode.

See also Q2149.