Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 2.x 3.x 4.x

When working with BMP bitmaps in Citect I have noticed that It reduces the color-number to something like 16 colors. I have tried to reduce the number of colors in the BMP with Paint Shop Pro before importing it into Citect, but without any change. Am I doing anything wrong? Cheap scanners have made this a growing problem - showing machines and parts in colors. 

There are a couple of solutions for the above
  • Running in high color (65535 colors) and use WMF's (Unsupported, Undocumented feature of V3)
  • Modifying the Citect palette
  • Dithering

The first two methods produce the best results but have several side effects.

To dither a image.

  • Use Paint Shop Pro Version 3 or higher.
  • Load your image.
  • Select Colors
  • Select Load Palette
  • Select Error Diffusion
  • Select Citstd.pal
  • Select OK
  • Copy and paste image to Citect. (or save file and import).

PaintShop Pro is available from

If you have modified your citect palette then you will need to modify the citstd.pal to match

- see Paint Shop pro for details. Paint Shop Pro sells for around USD70.00 it has a lot of tools that will save time if you are doing any quantity of bitmap work.