Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.x

When using the most recent driver for Mach64 SVGA adapter released by ATI (V2.22, 13 March 1996), with Windows 95, Citect may crash with a GPF. Windows 95 notifies that Citect32 (Version 4.x) performed an illegal operation and that it is going to shut down. The following details are displayed:
  • CITECT32 caused a general protection fault
  • in module DIBENG.DLL at 0005:00002bd3.

ATI have provided a solution which appears to work. They suggest that they have experienced the same problem with other graphics software packages. Their solution is to add:

   StretchEngine=0 under [Display] in your SYSTEM.INI file.

Note: You will need to restart Windows 95 after modification.