Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

I would like to install only the minimum files needed to run my Citect project. What files do I need? 

Before removing any files:
  1. From the Project Editor turn off the incremental compile feature from the File menu Options.
  2. Compile your project.
  3. Install and run your project

Provided your project runs as expected:

Backup your project (you can select compiled option)

Using the File Manager or equivalent you can remove the following files before installing Citect on the application computer:

citect\user\project\*.ci - library files
citect\user\project\*.cii - include files
citect\user\project\*.rpt - report files

You can also remove the database files (*.DBF) except you may wish to leave VARIABLE.DBF and VARIABLE.NDX files if you use the DspInfo functions as well as  USER.DBF and ALARMS DBF files as Citect runtime can use them:

citect\user\project\*.ndx - database index files
citect\user\project\*.dbf - database files

To add security for your project you can also remove the project editor and graphics builder from the citect\bin directory.

To save disk space you may, of course, also remove from the citect\bin directory, any protocol files that you are not using. If unsure, do not remove any *.DLL and *.DBF files from your citect\bin directory.