Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA x.x

 have a spare Digiboard and I have misplaced the box that it was shipped in, how do I identify exactly what type of board it is? 

Digi products can be easily identified by the first three numbers of the board's serial number. On the chip-side of every Digi board, a serial number is written into the white area, which is preceded by the letters "SN". Below is a list of the most common Digi serial number prefixes (11/95):

Serial Number

Prefix Model
011 PC/8
012 PC/4
020 COM/Xi (mother)
021 COM/4i (daughter)
022 COM/8i (daughter)
023 COM/4i 422 (daughter)
024 COM/8i 422 (daughter)
025 MC/16 RJ45
026 MC/8
027 MC/Xi (mother)
028 MC/8i (daughter)
029 MC/4
031 MC/8i 422 (daughter)
032 MC/4i 422 (daughter)
033 MC/4i (daughter)
034 PC/16
035 PC/8e (64K)
036 PC/4e (64K)
037 PC/16i (I/O mate)
038 PC/16i (mother)
039 PC/16i (daughter)
040 PC/Xi (mother)
041 PC/8i (daughter)
042 PC/4i (daughter)
047 C/X Host Adapter - EISA (old)
049 PC/16e RJ45
050 MC/16i DB25
051 NU/8i
052 NU/4i
053 C/CON - 16 RJ45 (metal)
054 C/X Host Adapter - ISA (old)
055 C/X Host Adapter - MC (old)
056 C/CON - 16 RJ45
057 Xem Host Adapter - EISA
061 Modem-8
062 PC/16e I/O Box
064 Modem-4
067 NC/CON-16
068 NC/CON-16 cartridge
069 C/CON-16 DB25 (metal)
072 DigiFAX multi-channel
074 DigiFAX single-channel
075 MC2/Xi (mother)
076 MC2/4i (daughter)
077 MC2/8i (daughter)
078 MC2/16i
079 Fiber Link (domestic fossil)
080 PORTS 16em RJ45 Module
081 Xem Host Adapter - ISA
082 IMAC
083 C/CON-16 RJ45 (plastic)
085 C/X Host Adapter - IBM MC (old)
086 C/CON-16 RJ45 IBM (metal)
087 Xem Host Adapter - MC
088 PORTS 16em DB25 Module
090 C/X2 Host Adapter - RS/6000
091 C/CON-16 DB25 (plastic)
092 IDP Module PC IMAC 4
093 Dual IMAC
094 EPC C/CON-16 RJ45
095 C/X2 Host Adapter - EISA
096 C/X2 Host Adapter - MC
097 C/X2 Host Adapter - ISA
098 EPC/X Host Adaptor - EISA
099 C/CON2-16 RS/6000 RJ45 (plastic)
A11 EPC/X Host Adapter - ISA
A13 PC/2e
A15 MC/2e
A17 C/CON2-16 RS/6000 DB25 (plastic)
A21 IDP Module, PC IMAC
A22 PORTS/8em Module DB25
A23 PORTS/8emp Module DB25
A24 PORTS 8em Module RJ45
A25 PORTS 8emp Module RJ45
A26 Sbus Host Adapter
A27 PC/8e 8K
A28 PC IMAC U Interface - ISA
A29 PC/4e 8K
A32 PortServer-16 RJ45
A33 SyncPort X.25 - ISA
A34 PC IMAC - ISA (International)
A35 PortServer-8 RJ45
A41 EPC/X Host Adapter - MC
A42 IDP ISA (International)
A43 Digi 3100X Print Server
A44 MC/4e LANS DB25
A45 MC/8e LANS DB25
A48 PC IMAC Dual (International)
A49 PC IMAC (International)
A52 SyncPort X.25 - MC
A54 C/CON2-16 Rack RS6000 RJ45
A55 LANAserver 2e
A58 MC/4e
A59 MC/8e
A60 C/CON2-16 RJ45 Rack
A65 PC/2e GG
A66 PortServer II-16 RJ45
A67 PC/8e GG
A68 PC/4e GG
A73 AccelePort 4r LAN
A74 AccelePort 8r LAN
A75 DataFire - U - ISA
A76 AccelePort C1
A77 AccelePort C2
A80 PC/8e GG RS422
A81 PC/4e GG RS422
A84 LANAserver 4e
A85 LANAserver 8e
A86 LANAserver 6e PCMCIA
A87 LANAserver 10e PCMCIA
A88 DataFire-S/T
A94 PC/8e (VE) RS422
A95 DataFire/4-S/T S1
D13 Sync/570i 2P ISA 128K, V.35
D15 Sync/570i 4P RS232 ISA 256K
D19 LANAserver 10e
D20 LANAserver 6e
M10 MIL-130A Any-Twist 10M Thicknet- UTP converter
M24 MIL-140A Fiber-Twist 10M SMA Fiber-UTP converter
M25 MIL-140T Fiber-Twist 10M ST Fiber- UTP converter
M26 MIL-4310M 10M UTP Micro Module
M27 MIL-4320M 10M Thin Coax Micro Module
M28 MIL-4330M 10M ST Fiber Micro Module
M29 MIL-4340M 10M Thicknet Micro Module
M30 MIL-4350M 10M SMA Fiber Micro Module
M33 MIL-4220R 10M 2-Port-Thin Coax/UTP Modules
M35 MIL-4240R 10M-2 Port-ST Fiber/UTP Modules
M36 MIL-150T Fiber Twist 10M ST Fiber- UTP Converter
M37 MIL-150A Fiber-Twist 10M SMA Fiber- UTP, Full duplex
M57 MIL-10P Micro-Twist 10M UTP Micro-Transceiver
M58 MIL-05T Micro-MAU 10M Thin Coax Micro-Transceiver
M59 MIL-120A Thin-Twist 10M Thin Coax- UTP Converter
M60 MIL-3500X FastPort 1 P-Port/1S-Port-DB-9, RJ45 Uplinks
U11 SmartPort Plus 8-RS232 - ISA
U12 SmartPort Plus 8-RS232 - MC
U13 SmartPort Plus 8-RS422 - ISA
U14 SmartPort Plus 8-RS422 - MC
U15 SmartPort Plus 16-RS232 - ISA
U16 SmartPort Plus 16-RS232 - MC
U17 SmartPort Plus 24-RS232 - ISA
U18 SmartPort Plus 24RS232 - MC
U19 SmartPort Plus 32-RS232 - ISA
U20 SmartPort Plus 32-RS232 - MC
U21 SmartPort Plus 8 Module-RS422
U22 SmartPort Plus 16 Module-RS422
U23 SmartPort Plus 16 Module-RS422