Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.3 3.4 4.1 4.2

The TCP/IP Port driver has been implemented will allow most Serial protocol drivers to run over TCP/IP. This allows the user to send serial protocols over TCPIP and to write their own TCPIP protocols.

Note: The ability to use a serial protocol driver over TCPIP is not guaranteed, and will not work in all cases. In the event that a driver does not work over TCP/IP as discussed in this KB article, Ci Technologies will treat requests to enable this ability as an enhancement. This may involve some time and/or cost.


This means that you are able to run (for eg) TIDIRECT over TCPIP. assuming that the data format is the same for TIDIRECT and TITCP you would be able to define the two like this:
Boards form Serial TCPIP
Board type: COMx TCPIP
Address: 0 0
Ports form
Port name: Port1 Port1
Port number: 1 1
Baud rate: 9600 not used
Data bits: 8 not used
Stop bits: 1 not used
Parity: None not used
Special Opt: not used -i203.19.130.144
I/O Devices form
Address: not used not used
Port name: Port1 Port1

It also means that you are able to use the com read and write functions to implement simple tcpip communications in cicode. (As most TCPIP protocols are plain text based you should be able to do most of them) Special options to be aware of for TCPIP are:

-Ia.b.c.d set remote IP address

-Pn set remote port number

-U select UDP protocol, the default mode is TCP


a.b.c.d standard IP address in dot notation using decimal numbers 0 - 255.

n decimal value for the port ID for the required service