Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA ALL

I have set up an application that uses Citect and Optomux B2 Brain boards (Analog Inputs). As I remember there was a Cicode function used at startup that initilizes each board. Our application used Thermocouples which opto does not linerize so I did it in Cicode. Can you provide me with this startup cicode. 

There is no startup cicode function available to initialise the Brain boards and you will need to write these yourselves. Each board can be configured differently and so will require a different startup sequence for each hence there is no generic code for initialising.

The problem is that when you power down these brain boards they lose their current configuration and need to be re-initialised when they power up again, otherwise strange values will been shown by Citect. Hence the startup code will need to be tailored depending on how many boards there are and how they are setup (e.g input or output boards) which is why no generic code has been written. What we recommend is to have say an initialisation page with forms to be able to initialise any board when a power down occurs. This page may have default values for the boards and as an option let the user enter data.

Regarding linearisation of the thermocouples. This can either be done "on board" or via Citect. This is not documented very well in the help and you should refer to the Knowledge Base article Q1678 and look at data type AITL#.@ and look at data type AIPROBE$*. This latter parameter contains the values for @ in the former data type. The @ symbol in the online help is referred to as "p". You can substitute any of the values in AIPROBE$* to get linearisation. I hope this helps.