Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.x 4.x

Running an Allen Bradley 1784-KT on a Gateway 2000 P5/60 will not allow me to set the board address to an address I know am not using. 

The default CMOS settings for a Gateway 2000 P5/60 does not enable a 1784-KT card to work. By default, the Gateway enables the use of Shadow Memory which you need to disable for the area of memory you want your KT card to reside in. To disable go into the CMOS setup when booting up. For example to configure a KT card set to default (0xD400) change the default CMOS setting of the computer as follows:

Upon boot-up, go into the Advanced CMOS setup:

  • Disable Shadow Memory Size: 16K
  • Disable Shadow Memory Base: D400