Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA x.x

I am using the Citect for DOS support in Citect for Windows. The Citect for Windows I/O Server is using the TITCPIP protocol and the Citect for DOS computer is setup for TIWAY protocol. However the bits from the TITCPIP protocol are swapped around. 

Citect for DOS uses a protocol dependent method for packing bits into memory. So each protocol may use a different packing order. Citect for Windows uses a generic method for packing digital bits into memory. All protocol drivers convert the digital bits into the same packing order. So when Citect for Windows communicates to Citect for DOS it must will swap the digitalis bits around for some of the protocols. Citect for Windows only swaps the bits around for the protocols it knows about. These are TIWAY, MODBUS and MBPLUS. The TITCPIP protocol was released after Citect for DOS and was not supported. You may however support the TITCPIP protocol in Citect for DOS by setting the protocol to TIWAY and then setting the following parameters:


These parameters tell Citect for Windows to swap the bits and bytes around for all protocols to be sent to Citect for DOS. Support for the TITCPIP protocol will be added in Citect for Windows version 5.0.