Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx, 4.xx

I have encountered this problem when I run the project which has included the PAGINGV3 project :

"Error connecting to "PAGING" data source. Cross check not performed."

Please advise where should I look for the source of the problem?

A brief background. I'm running Citect V4.10 R02 on Windows NT 3.51 and using the Paging User Guide R1.1. Microsoft Access v2.0 is used.


When using the Citect Alarm Paging System, the ODBC Driver that you install will depend on the Version of Citect that you are using.
  • For Citect V3.xx use the 16-Bit ODBC Driver available in Microsoft Access V2.0
  • For Citect V4.xx use the 32-Bit ODBC Driver available in Microsoft Access V7.0

If you do not have Microsoft Access or the ODBC Driver available you can access the drivers form our BBS or FTP site in the CITECT\MISC area. The files are called ODBC16.exe and ODBC32.exe.

If the incorrect Version of the ODBC driver is used then you will get a Cross Check Error.