Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx, 4.xx

When I try to run the Citect Paging System, nothing seems to happen to the modem as it does not get initialised. I'm using the Creative Phoneblaster 28.8 (V.34) as my modem, which basically uses the firmware from Rockwell. As ATF5 is not a command set available based on the documentation, I'm using the following command set in the Port configuration (Special Options field) instead to set the modem to 2400bps :



To get the modem working the following things needed to be done:
  1. The modem init string that I use for Creative Phoneblaster 28.8 modem is AT*H1&C1&D2X0V1. And I need to pass this string by actually typing it to replace the "ATDT" str in _DialService function as the string defined in the PORT configuration does not seem to pass to the modem.
  2. And under the _PETLogin, there is a mistake in the time allocated to the ComRead. It should be 8 seconds as stated in the comments instead of 2. Otherwise the line keeps on dropping off.