Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.00, 5.00

The CP5411 is a card provided by Siemens as a cheaper alternative to the CP5412A2. Can I use it with the Siemens S7 (SSEVEN) Citect Device Driver. 

The Citect device driver for communications to the S7-300 and S7-400 range of PLCs uses the Siemens S7 SAPI functions, and tests using the CP5412A2 have been successful. The CP5412A2 has allowed communications directly to the MPI port on the processor at 187kbaud, and to the communications processor, the CP342-5DP at 1.5Mbaud.

The CP5411 however has a design feature that requires PC memory reserved between 15Meg and 16Meg in RAM. As most standard PCs on the market these days do not support the exclusion of this area of memory, the PC would need to have less than 15Meg installed and would likely be limited to a total of 12Meg of RAM, insufficient for most Windows operating systems and almost impossible to obtain. (We have been notified that Siemens Nixdorf PCs allow the exclusion of this area of memory. As most of our customers do not use these PCs the following comments are still applicable) As a result, although the Citect driver will support the use of the CP5411, Ci Technologies will not support the use of the CP5411 in the near future (however this situation may change without notice). Customers choosing to use the CP5411 with a Citect system will be solely responsible for this course of action.

The CP5412A2 also presents the greatest performance, and we are recommending this card as a basis for low and medium speed communications, with Ethernet for high speed communications (not tested at this stage).