Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx, 4.xx

Can I use freestanding AN numbers in my genies to display strings with a DspStr() command? 

The problem here is that when you paste an object on the screen, Citect automatically assigns the next free animation number to that object. The same rule applies to Genies. If you paste a freestanding AN to the screen in your Genie (and lets say that Citect allocates AN 1), and then you paste that Genie to a page where you have existing graphics, you'll find that Citect will change that AN to the next available AN for that specific page. A possible solution to this is to include a %AN% in place of specifying the actual AN :

DspStr(%AN%, "MyFont", "Bob");

Using this method, you can see the new AN number when you paste the genie on the page, and then specify it when the Genie asks for it.