Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 2.00 -> 4.20

Various problems exist in the trend export cicode which have been fixed in version 5.00. Following is a list of the problems which existed in the functions TrnExportCSV(), TrnExportDBF(), TrnExportClip() and TrnExportDDE().
  1. These functions will now return 0 if successful, or otherwise an error code. (As stated in the Citect Programmer's Reference). Previously, these functions returned the number of samples exported and generated hardware alarms or error messages in the event of an error.
  2. If no trend tags were specified, the error message "Attempt to export trend data has failed" was displayed. The functions will now return the error code 301.
  3. If the Time argument was greater than the current time, then the output values were timestamped from that time. (in the future). These functions now recognize this problem and set the time to the current time.
  4. Generated a file even if no samples were exported.
  5. If there was a problem opening the scratch device used for the output of the TrnExportDBF() function, then the hardware alarm "Cicode General Cannot open file DevOpen Scratch " was generated. This problem is now indicated by the function returning the error code generated when opening the file.

These problems have been fixed in version 5.00. Due to these fixes being made entirely in cicode, the V5.00 file should also fix these problems for V3.40 and V4.20 with only minor modifications.