Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.20 Service Pack D, 5.00

I am running Citect on Windows 95. What is the file Drwtsn32.log which I have found in my windows directory? I didn't think there was a 32 Bit DrWatson with Windows 95. 

Since Citect Version 4.10 r2 when an exception (GPF) occurred with Citect on Windows 95 it generated its own exception report and placed it in syslog.dat. An indicator that an exception had occurred was the message box 'A Severe error has occurred. Process will terminate'. Since these reports are large and are often needed by Citect Support for debugging purposes they will now be logged to the file Drwtsn32.log in the windows directory. This brings an alignment with Windows NT as this is where exceptions are logged on this operating system. Thus when an exception occurs Citect Support will request Drwtsn32.log.