Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.20 Service Pack D, 5.00

I am running Citect on Windows NT. I have noticed an extra section in Drwtnsn32.log. Is this generated by Citect? What is it for? 

A new debugging feature has been added to Citect which detects when Drwtsn32 is about to be called to generate an exception report. This feature adds extra information to the Drwtsn32.log file to assist Citect Support in tracking down the fault. The extra information will look similar to the following.

Citect Exception Report Addendum (v1.10) for Drwtsn32
Tue Feb 18 15:55:50 1997
CITECT32 1767184
Version 5.00 Rev. 0
Drwtsn32 log should follow

This shows the time, module name and size and Citect Version. This feature is included with Project Editor, Compiler and Runtime.