Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.00

Question: I have just upgraded to Citect Version 5.0 and now my protection key does not work? 

Citect Version 5.0 no longer supports the older Sentinel C keys. The Sentinel C keys where used for Citect for DOS Scanner and early Citect for Windows versions (Version 1.x and 2.x). We started supporting the new Sentinel SuperPro keys in December 1995. Any keys shipped after this date should work with version 5.0. The keys which are not supported in version 5.0 have the name Sentinel-C (Square edge long key) or Sentinel C-Plus B (Rounded edge long key). The key which is supported is called Sentinel SuperPro (Rounded edge, short key).

If you have a valid support pack will be able to upgrade their older Sentinel C keys to the newer keys at no cost. Contact your Citect Sales office for an upgrade key. If the you do not have a support pack then normal upgrade rules apply and you should also contact your Citect Sales office for details.