Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx

I am using the SINEC Citect driver. Is there a difference using the CP143 versus the CP1430 in the PLC as far a Citect is concerned? 

The CP 1430 is a functional replacement for the CP 143. It does however require a different software package as a configuration tool (NCM COM 1430 TF, as opposed to NCM COM 143 TF or COM 143). The actual configuration screens look almost identical in the two packages. The two cards take different EPROMs (the 143 uses the older SIMATIC EPROM modules, the 1430 uses the newer JEIDA credit-card sized EPROM modules). So a 1430 may not be the best solution as a spare part, but for a new system is the only way to fly. In addition, for the old 143 card a 15V supply was needed in the older racks of the 135/50/55U PLCs (add-in board to the PSU chassis), whereas a different variant of the card, with a DC-DC chopper on a piggy-back board, making the CP two slots wide), was required for the 115U. Life is much simpler with the new CP 1430 - the DC-DC chopper for the 15V fits on the single-width card, and no mucking around in the power supplies of the 135/50/55 is required.

Several sites have used the CP1430 without problems. The CP1430 is twice as fast as the CP143.