Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.x

Question: When I create a Citect window using WinNewAt(sName, nMode) function with nMode being 34 (2 + 32) and use the plot functions on this newly created child window my graphs are not drawn completely. I have also noticed that some of the DspXXX functions will not work correctly. But, when I use WinNewAt() without nMode being 32 then everything seems to be OK. What is the problem? 

In the WinNewAt() function the nMode = 34 (2 + 32) means that the created window will be a child window with all its keyboard echo, prompts and error messages being displayed on its parent window. The following functions

plot functions

  • DspAnGetPos
  • DspAnNewRel
  • DspAnInRgn

use the parent's window canvas information to employ their function. The plot system fails to draw correctly as it uses the parent's windows dimensions and the DspXXX functions fail as they use the parent's window object layout instead of that of the current (child) window.

There is no work around for this problem. The problem is fixed in version 5.