Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00, 4.00, 5.00

What is a Citect Service pack and what does it do for my Citect installation? 

A Citect service pack is a minor revision to Citect software and contains various fixes to problems in the Citect software. The Service pack system replaces the patch system that was in existence for a short time. Replacement files are used instead of patches to existing files, therefore there is no requirement to apply SPkA and SPkB before applying SPkC. It is shipped as one self installing/extracting executable file (eg V420spkc.exe for Service Pack C). The installation will first backup all the files that it is about to replace, if your Citect is installed in C:\CITECT then it will create a folder called C:\CITECT\BACKUP\BIN and copy the original files to this folder, the files are also renamed when they are backed-up. The renaming procedure is a follows, if you install Service Pack C and it contains a new CITECT32.EXE then the backup will be called CITECT32.EX3, for Service Pack D it would be called CITECT32.EX4. If you install the same pack twice then the backup will only take place the first time to preserve the original backed up file. Service Packs are available for down load from the support page at and should only be applied to fix problems listed in the associated readme file. The readme files are also published in the knowledge base.

To Remove:

If you decide you want to remove a pack, eg pack C then you would rename all the C:\CITECT\BACKUP\BIN\*.EX3 and *.DL3 and any other files ending with 3 back to the correct file name and then copy them to the C:\CITECT\BIN directory. You should also check the BACKUP directory for other directories other than BIN as some future Service Packs may need to replace files in directories other than the BIN directory.