Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx

Rather than just have a single beep when my alarms are activated I want a continuous beep until the alarm is deactivated. 

You can achieve this by calling the Beep() (or DspPlaySound() if you have a sound card) function from a GLOBAL event.

For example:

    Name:    GLOBAL
    Time:    00:00:00
    Period:  00:00:05
    Trigger: AlarmActive(1) > 0
    Action:  DspPlaySound("

    Name:    GLOBAL
    Time:    00:00:00
    Period:  00:00:02
    Trigger: AlarmActive(1) > 0
    Action:  Beep(2)  

Defining the key word GLOBAL for the event name will allow you to run it on all computers belonging to the Citect network. This event will be triggered no matter what alarm becomes active, as long as there are no security restrictions configured in your alarm forms and categories, or as long as your login name has security clearance for all alarm privilege levels.

Sounding Alarms on Internet Display Clients:

1.  You must manually add the [EVENT]Server=1 parameter for each IDC in your CITECT.INI file.

2.  You must match the directory structure of the IDC Server. For example, if your IDC Server is playing a WAV file that resides in the C:\Citect\User\MyProject directory, then you must copy the appropriate WAV file(s) and place it/them in the same directory for each IDC.

Please refer to the Online Help for more information concerning GLOBAL events, and the Beep() and DspPlaySound() commands.