Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.2, 5.00

My current Citect installation is using COMXI digiboards and I would like to upgrade to NT and use the 32 bit version of Citect. I know that the COMXI is a discontinued board and Digi do not have an NT driver for it. What can I do? 

There is a Citect driver for the COMXI board shipped in Citect V4.20 and V5.00. This driver does not require any Digi driver installed in the computer, if there is a driver installed it should be removed. This driver is not documented and has not been fully tested. For the purposes of this article the driver has been tested with the LOOPBACK driver in V4.20 and V5.00 and there were no problems. See Q1684 for info on the LOOPBACK test. See Q1651 (configuration detail is identical as for 16 bit, the files may be different) for info on setting up the COMXI driver.