Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.20, 5.00

How do I communicate to an Allen-Bradley SLC500 Series PLC? 

There are several alternative ways of connecting to the Allen-Bradley SLC500 PLC. Early SLC CPUs (5/01 and 5/02) have only a RJ-45 (modular connector) DH-485 port on the CPU. Connecting these PLC to Citect requires the use of a 1770-KF3 external Interface module or a 1747-KE slot-mounted Interface module and use the KE500 protocol.

The 5/03 CPU has an RS232 port in addition to the RJ-45 type DH-485 port that the earlier models had. This port is equivalent to a built in 1770-KF3 (or 1747-KE) module. This port also uses KE500 protocol.

The 5/04 CPU has the same kind of RS232 port the 5/03 has, but the RJ-45 type DH-485 port that the earlier models had has been replaced by a DH+ port. Communicating via DH+ can be achieved using either the ABTCP500/CIKT driver, the ABTCP500/SSTAB driver or the ABKT500 protocol.