Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.x, 4.x

I created my own loop-tuning super genie, based on the one supplied with Citect called !sg2_itune from the faceplate library. The trend area for the process variable and setpoint is blank, even though I can see the trends on a standard trend page. What's wrong?  

The super genie !sg2_itune assumes that your trend tag names for the process variable and setpoint are identical to the variable tag names. You may only pass tag names to a super genie that are contained in the variable tag database. Either change your trend tag names to match your variable tag names, or create variable tags in a disk I/O device that have the same names as your trend tags. Then using the TrnSetPen(AN, Pen, AssInfo(nArg,0)) will work correctly and your trends will display.