Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA v5.1 or later

How can I measure the network response time with Citect? 

Send NCB response times have been added to the Netbios window in the Citect kernel. When a packet is sent across the network in Citect, the packet is received by the client machine, and returned to the server machine with an acknowledgment. The Send Response statistics measure this turnaround time.

You can also trend the network response with the CitectInfo() function for long term view of the network response of the computer. Bear in mind that these times are not pure network response since Citect may perform optimisations to increase performance, but the figures will remain more or less constant for a Citect installation. So if you trend the network response, and then find that the response times have increased say 20%, then your network throughput will have decreased by 20%.

New values for the CitectInfo() parameters are:

CItectInfo("Network", "", 15) - Minimum send response time in ms.
CItectInfo("Network", "", 16) - Maximum send response time in ms.
CItectInfo("Network", "", 17) - Average send response time in ms.
CItectInfo("Network", "", 18) - Number of packets sent.

The Send Response time is only valid for machines running the same or later versions of Citect.