Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • Windows NT 

How can I disable "Lock Workstation" when I press Ctrl-Alt-Del? 

This cannot be done with a setting in the registry, however it is possible if you don't mind hacking one of the system dll files. The file that the ctrl-alt-del dialog is stored in is msgina.dll. Using any 32bit resource editor (such as one with a Win32 C++ compiler, Visual C++, Borland C++) you can edit this dll and remove the "Lock Workstation" button. Below are instructions for performing this with Visual C++ however for another resource editor find dialog #1650 and edit the attributes of the "Lock Workstation" to "inactive" or "invisible".
  1. Rename %systemroot%\system32\msgina.dll to msgina_orig.dll (this is so you have a backup)
  2. Copy the file back to be called msgina.dll
    e.g. copy d:\winnt\system32\msgina_orig.dll d:\winnt\system32\msgina.dll
  3. Start Visual C++, and select open
  4. Change the type to Executable Files (.dll, .exe, .ocx)
  5. Move to the %systemroot%\system32 directory and select msgina.dll and click OK
  6. Once open, click on the dialog tree, and double click 1650
  7. Double click on the "Lock Workstation" button and deselect "visible"
  8. Close the dialog box and the from the file menu select Save
  9. Exit Visual C++ and reboot the machine
  10. Once the machine has booted up again the "Lock Workstation" button will no longer be displayed