Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.10, 4.20

I can not get my trend page to print to a Novell Network printer. When I press the button with the print icon there is no activity and nothing comes up in the print queue. Other applications print out OK.  

The first time you print the trend a form will pop up asking for the printer name and other information about the paper and orientation. Even if the correct printer is selected, the trend may not print. Looking in the CITECT.INI file, the parameter " [general]TrnPrinter= " should be set to the printer name but gets set to the Novell port "Ne00:" The Ne00 is a network port. This will be fixed in Service Pack F. You can rectify this by manually setting the parameter to the correct printer UNC name, for example: " \\netname\printer_name ".