Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.40, 4.20

I have defined a Group of Devices. The first association is to an ascii device, SHIFT_REP.TXT and the second association is to a network printer device, \\print_server\a4_laser. When I run my report using this Group as the Output Device, my text file written to the hard drive gets created, but the report doesn't get spooled to the printer. When I shutdown Citect, all my Reports then get spooled to the printer. Conversely, if I change the associations around, that is, make my printer association 1 and the ascii file association 2 then my Reports print correctly, however my reports being written to the hard driver behave erratically, such as being created at random times. It seems only the first device assigned in the group functions correctly. 

CiT have confirmed this to be a problem. It can be fixed by first installing Service Pack F and then for a report intended for group devices a work around is to include these lines at the beginning of the report.

DevOpenGrp(GrpOpen(<group name>, 0),0);

Note this fix will only be good after the installation of Service Pack F which defines the function DevOpenGrp.