Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA x.x

The standard driver parameters include: TIMEOUT, RETRY, DELAY, POLLTIME, MAXPENDING, WATCHTIME, BLOCK. I have modified the parameters in the CITECT.INI and my driver is not functioning well, if at all. What could be wrong? 

Unless specifically advised to do so, do not modify the standard driver parameters for a driver by setting the INI parameters in the CITECT.INI. The drivers have a set of defaults built in that were designed and tested by the driver writer and testing groups respectively to have the best performance. Adding entries will override these defaults and possibly cause a degradation in performance, or stop the driver altogether.

If your driver is not working and you have set a lot of INI parameters for the driver, try removing them before contacting Citect Support.

There are some valid reasons why you would need to change some parameters. We try to document these in the Citect knowledge base. If they aren't there, then please discuss them with Citect Support and they will ensure that it gets addressed.

See also Q1116.