Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.xx, 5.xx
  • Windows NT

When I RUN my Citect project, I get an Error Dialog with the following text "WinRT : Start Driver : Error 'The Parameter is incorrect'.". When I continue to run Citect - my PLCs will not go Online. Why won't my PLCs go Online ? What does the Error mean?

WinRT is the "Device" in Windows NT that Citect uses to communicate to many PLCs that use "Special" interface cards (eg : the SYLINK Card). Because an Error occurred starting WinRT, Citect will be unable to communicate to those PLCs. To get the PLCs to go Online, the WinRT Error must be rectified.

When Citect starts, it provides the cards "I/O Address, Interrupt or Memory Address" as Parameters to WinRT. If the above error occurs it means that WinRT had a problem with one of these Parameters. The reason that WinRT had a problem with these Parameters was that they one or all were already in use on the PC. Make sure that the interface card Citect is using does not have a conflicting "I/O Address, Interrupt or Memory Address".

A handy tool for checking "I/O Address, Interrupt or Memory Address" usage in Windows NT 4.0 is "WinMSD". If you run this and select the "Resources" Tab, you can see which "I/O Address, Interrupt or Memory Address" Windows NT has reserved.