Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.0x

I have upgraded my Citect Version 4.20 project to Version 5.00. Now when I view certain pages in runtime I receive a hardware alarm, and not all of my page animations display. When I delete the corresponding AN in the graphics builder, Citect complains of the same hardware error "Invalid Argument Passed" at another AN.

You need to set the [Animator]MaxAN parameter in the Citect.ini file. This parameter is still valid, but only used for Ver3.xx and 4.xx animations. Allowable values are 256 to 3095.

Note that buttons in Ver 5.xx are actually Ver 4.xx objects hence this parameter may still be pertinent to newly created Ver 5.xx projects. Currently, input properties for dynamic objects are also affected by this limit. This is a known problem in Citect V5.00 and V5.01.