Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 5.00

I have client who would like to interface Citect to his Honeywell PLCs. He is connecting to some of his 620 series PLCs using the ABC protocol (Citect has referred to this as the HWELL protocol) via 620-048 & 620-052 serial cards. He is talking to other 620-12s via ethernet using 620-0089 ethernet modules. Can Citect communicate with these PLCs? 

We have connected Citect to Honeywell PLCs by configuring their PLC's serial port as a Modbus slave port using Honeywell's configuration software, and connecting using Citect's Modicon Modbus driver.

Citect can also communicate to the 620 series using it's HWELL protocol (which is the ABC protocol by Honeywell).

The 620 can be a standalone PLC, or if someone buys a Series 9000 then they get a logic processor (the 620) and a loop processor in one rack. If you need to have access to variables in the Series 9000 Loop Processor Module, then the variables need to be mapped into registers in the Logic Processor Module (the 620 PLC) so they can be accessed.

At this stage Citect cannot communicate via ethernet to these PLCs.