Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.00

When I change language in my Citect project my buttons on all forms change size and the forms are distorted. How do I set a fixed width for the buttons on my forms? 

The problem is that the buttons width on forms are dependant on the length of the string used, and different languages will inevitably have different lengths. Citect's language translation string has a set of extended parameters to cope with this. The text marked for language change has the following format:

@(native text)

In addition to this you may also specify the length of this string:

@(native text, length)

This will make Citect pad or truncate to keep the same length of the translated string.

You may also specify the justification:

@(native text, length, justification)

Where the justification is L=left, R=right and C=centre.

An example could look as follows:

@(Add Recipe,13,C)

This would give you a fixed width of 13 regardless of which language is choosen and the text will always be centered.