Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA x.x

We have experienced problems with compiling a project located on our server. This particular project includes 43 other projects, each of which will compile without any problem. When you try to compile the main project which includes the others, I get a fatal error saying it cannot find the Devices.dbf for one of the subprojects. Which subproject it is varies from time to time. This has occurred on both Windows 3.11 and Win95 systems. I can go to a Windows NT station and it will compile fine from there. I believe it has to do with the size of the project but can't fine any reason for it. These errors have occurred with both versions 3.01 and 3.4, any advice would be appreciated. 

This problem is most likely caused by running out of file handles. When you are compiling with lots of includes the Citect compiler will open many more files. If you have many includes you may hit the maximum number of open files. The maximum number of open files will vary depending on the operating system and the file server you are using. That is most likely why it works fine on Windows NT.

You can normally adjust the maximum number of open files, however this will depend on what type of file server you have. For example I think with Novell NetWare and Windows 3.11 the default is around 40 files. There is some Novell configuration file (I cannot remember the name as I stop using 3.11 years ago) you can adjust the maximum number of open files. By increasing the number of file handles should fix your problem. If you are using some other network file server, look at the documentation under "File Handles" or "Open files" to see how to adjust it.

The best long term solution is only to use Windows NT. Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 have many small problems like this one which you just don't get with Windows NT.