Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.00 and above

Using the TITCPIP driver you may get phantom digital alarms or corrupted data appearing on the screen. You may also see a large number of time-out errors occuing in the Page Driver status page.  

CiT have confirmed that there is a problem in the TITCPIP driver in versions 4.x and 5.0. This has been fixed in Citect V5.01 and the fix may also be found on the FTP site. The TITCPIP.DLL dated 13/08/97 has fixed corrupted data problem. The large number of time-outs can be fixed by using the TCP/IP protocol instead of the UDP protocol. Also a new CITECT.INI option parameter has been introduced in this new DLL to reduce the time-out caused by PLC not responding.


MaxOutStandingCampMsg=value (Where value >= 1. When set to 1, the driver operates in sync mode. Default value is 2)

If this parameter is set to 1 and TCP is used, then the number of time-out caused by PLC will be reduced to minimum.