Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx

How can I display more than one category of alarms on a page? PageAlarm() only accepts one category parameter. 

You can also pass PageAlarm() a group handle. Define a Group via the SYSTEM menu and associate each of the alarm categories you wish to display. Place the following code in a cicode library and when you call the function DSP_ALM_GP (eg via a button), pass it the Group name.

/*pass a group handle to the PageAlarm function to display a group of alarm categories */

INT hGrp;
hGrp=GrpOpen(GrpName, 0);


WARNING: The above example opens a group which has been defined in the Groups Table, so when the group is closed it still exists. This allows the Alarm page to use the group even when it is closed. If you create a new group using GrpOpen() and if you then close the group, that group will be destroyed. When you distroy the group the alarm page will not be able to access it and the alarms will not display correctly. To prevent this occuring you should not close the group until the page is closed or when you shutdown Citect.

Note: In Version 5.xx you can also take advantage of the "Display on Alarm Page" field on the Alarm Categories Form to determine which categories get displayed on the main alarm page.