Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx

I have a networked Citect installation and get this hardware error which never clears. I do not even have any reports configured. 

You have a standby Citect server configured. eg Citect1. This is the [Client]Standby=Citect1 parameter in the Citect.ini file. At Startup, Citect will attempt to establish NetBIOS sessions to each primary server, eg CitectAlarms, CitectTrends and CitectReports. If the call times out or redundancy is enabled, Citect will then attempt to establish NetBIOS sessions to the standby servers, eg Citect1Alarms, Citect1Trends and Citect1Reports. You may only be utilising server redundancy for your Alarms and hence not have a redundant Report server or standby Trend server configured. This scenario can result in the hardware errors "Report General No Server could be found' and "Trend NetBIOS Server Name not found".

To overcome, ensure you have configured Primary Alarms, Trends and Reports servers, even if you do not run any Reports. Also, make sure you have a redundant Report Server enabled. It is not critical to have a standby Trend Server and Alarm Server configured. Alternatively do not nominate a Standby Citect Server.