Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.40 Service Pack D, 3.40 Service Pack E, 3.40 Service Pack F, 3.40 Service Pack G, 4.20 Service Pack D

Citect may crash a service pack is applied and a full compile is not done.

The symptoms of this crash are:

In 3.40 - Starting runtime brings up a message box from the System stating "Divide by 0".

In 4.20 - Starting runtime brings up a message box from Citect stating "Failed to load database "_NULL".


A full compile must be done before using a service pack for the first time.

On occasion, Citect may require more than one compile to compile completely and this is currently being investigated.


The best way to force a full compile is close down the project editor, delete CHANGES.NDX if it exists, copy in the blank CHANGES.DBF from the system project into your project.

Start Citect and in the Options dialog, uncheck the "Incremental Compile" check box. Now compile.

Please Note: If you are running 3.40 and you have experienced the "Divide by 0" dialog box, we recommend that the system be restarted to avoid any problems.