Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.xx, 5.xx

What is the CTREGION.DLL and why is it supplied with driver updates? 

The CTREGION.DLL contains the common functionality of all 32-bit drivers. The driver uses this DLL to perform operations like opening COM ports, accessing hardware etc. The CTREGION is meant to be backward compatible, so that older 32-bit drivers supplied by Ci Technologies can be used with the CTREGION.DLL supplied with new versions of Citect.

When drivers are supplied separately to Citect (say as part of a Beta program) they are often supplied with a new CTREGION.DLL to ensure that the driver has at least the version it requires to operate. However new releases of Citect may have more recent versions of the CTREGION.DLL so you do not need to install the CTREGION.DLL supplied with the Citect driver. Symptoms of the Citect driver not having the appropriate CTREGION.DLL may include "Driver not initialised'.