Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5

How do I get Citect MAPI mail functions to work over Internet E-mail? 

Citect MAPI functions are designed to work with the Microsoft standard Messaging API set. This means that if you have a Microsoft compliant E-Mail system you should be able to access standard internet E-mail using programs such as Outlook, Inbox, Exchange Server etc. This then allows the Citect Mapi functions to send mail out using SMTP mail. Following is a description of how to use the Citect MAPI functions with Windows '95. Read this in conjunction with the Cicode help files on MailLogon, MailSend.


"sName" Use the profile setting name from Mail and Fax. You can find this from START, SETTINGS, MAIL and FAX, Services, SHOW PROFILES, Look in window titled "When starting Microsoft Windows Messaging, use this" and use this Profile name as "sName"
"sPassword" Use the standard password that you access you mail system. This may be the machines logon to a domain.


"sName" Use the name out of your Email systems address book and not the standard Email direct addressing convention. Eg, In Outlook make

NEW ENTRY for every E-mail address Selecting Entry type of " INTERNET

ADDRESS" { Format}

Example of Cicode command session as follows:

MailLogon("internet mail settings","MyPassword",0);
MailSend("IanSwift","Test Message","Sending message over Internet using Cicode function","",0);

Where Mail and Fax profile settings show the actual words "Internet Mail Settings". This was the default name selected by Windows '95 and Outlook. The Address book entry for "IanSwift" was "".