Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.00

I have a pre Version 5.00 project that uses dynamically sized pages so that the page can have both an extended and non-extended form. I size the page at runtime (using WinSize() Cicode function) and the page never has scrollbars - this is the way I like it. However when I upgrade to Version 5.00 and I size the window down to the non-extended form, scrollbars automatically appear. This is not what I want. Can I have the Version 4.20 functionality back? 

Citect was modified for Version 5.00 so that when a window is sized below its original size scrollbars automatically appear. A new parameter has been added in Version 5.00 Service Pack C so that the old functionality can be maintained. This parameter is shown below. When set scrollbars will not be automatically put on a windows when the WinSize() or WinMove() Cicode functions are used.


0 (Default) No change to current Version 5.00 behaviour
1 Windows will not have scrollbars automatically added to them