Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.xx, 5.xx

I am trying to install the IBS InterBus-S Driver using the IBS PC CB/I-T full size Interface card. What Hardware and Software do I need to setup the communication?

You need the following Manuals:
  • Citect for Windows Driver Specification IBS InterBus-S Driver.
  • User Manual IBS PC CB HW UM E (2747167) from Phoenix Contact.

You need the following Hardware:

  • IBS PC CB/I-T or IBS PC CB/COP/I-T full size Interface card.
  • I/O-Module IBS RT 24 DIO 16/16-T (example)

You need the following Software:

  • WINRT.SYS The device driver can be downloaded from the FTP site.
  • IBS.ZIP. The driver can be downloaded from the FTP site.

Hardware setup:

Install the IBS PC Interface card according to the User Manual Section 4 (Installation and First Startup). Do not change any DIPswitches from the Default setting except Switch2 (IBS Autostart). Set DIPswitch 2 to OFF. The DIPswitch setting defines the InterBus-S startup behavior after IBS master board booting. If the switch is OFF, the IBS data cycles are automatically started if an operable bus configuration has been connected. Connect the I/Omodule to the card (the I/Omodule needs 24V) and start the computer. When the card is initialized the lower indicator should be lighted. The top indicator should be lighted when the IBS communication is functioning.

Software setup:

The device driver WINRT.SYS is copied to the WinNT\System32\Drivers directory.

The files IBS.DLL, CTREGION.DLL and IBS.DBF are added to the Citect\Bin directory.

Citect setup:

Boards Form:
Board Name: IBS
Board Type: IBS
Address: 0xD000
I/O Port: 0x120
IRQ: 12
Special Opt: 1

Ports Form: not used

I/O Devices Form:
Name: IBS
Number: 1
Protocol: IBS

Standard Citect.ini Parameters:

Block 256
Delay 0
MaxPending 2
PollTime 20
TimeOut 200
Retry 0
WatchTime 30000

The first Input word [bit] is specified I0. The first Output word is specified O0. If the first Module has 16 input and 16 output words and you want to read the first input word, then address I0.0. The next input word would be I0.1, I0.2 and so on. The same applies to the Output words O0.0, O0.1, O0.2 and so on. The next module is named I1 respectably O1.