Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.20/5x.x

How do I configure the SIEMENS CP5412A2 interface card and the SSEVEN driver running Win-NT against the SIEMENS S7-300 PLC? 

You need the following Manuals:
  • Citect for Windows Driver Specification SSEVEN Driver. (Sseven.doc)

You need the following Software:

  • SSEVEN.ZIP The file can be downloaded from the FTP site. Containing the following files:
  • Ctregion.dll
  • Msvcrt.dll
  • Protdir.dbf
  • Sseven.dbf
  • Sseven.dll
  • Readme.txt
  • Sseven.doc
  • SIEMENS Simatic Net. S7-Functions. S7-5412/Windows NT (6GK1 702-5CB00-0EA0).

You need the following Hardware:

  • SIEMENS CP5412 A2 Interface Card (6GK1 541-2BA00).

Installation of files to Citect:

  1. Copy the file Msvcrt.dll to the directory C:\Winnt\system32 (if the file already exists you don't have to replace it).
  2. The files Sseven.dll, Sseven.dbf, Protdir.dbf and Ctregion.dll are added to: C:\Citect\Bin (existing files should be replaced).

Installation of Simatic Net:

  1. Run setup.exe on disk 1(2) and start the installation.
  2. Follow the instructions and accept the proposed settings.
  3. Install the authorisation license from the red Key-disk. The Authorisation creates a directory AX NF ZZ. Do NOT remove this directory. If you do so you will lose the authorisation (license) for the CP-Card.
  4. Configuring the CP5412 A2 Interface Card:
  5. Go to Simatic Net in the Start-menu and start the program Setup.
  6. Highlight the"S7-5412/Windows NT V2.30" row in SINEC Setup.
  7. Go to Edit in the menu and choose Configuration.
  8. Fill in the forms to the right "Edit S7 connection selected on left".


Node name: node1
Network type: PROFIBUS
Name: S7
VFD Name: VFD1
Remote Addr: 2
Local TSAP: 01.00
Remote TSAP: 03.02 (03= Device ID, 02= Rack 0 Slot 2)

  1. Push Insert and the selected Name is moved to the "S7 connection list" to the left.
  2. Save your settings by going to File and Save Text DB As... Save the file as "STARTUP.TXT".
  3. Now you have to create a Database. Go to File and indicate Generate Binary DB As... Save the Database as "STARTUP.LDB".

Hardware configuration:

  1. Indicate the row CP5412 A2 CP L2 1 in SINEC Setup:
  2. Go to Edit and Modify Configured CP.
  3. Fill in the Form SINEC Reconfiguration CP5412 (A2):

PC hardware parameters:

Device name: CP_L2_1:
Interrupt: 10
I/O port: 0x0240
Dual-port RAM 0x000D000 - 16k
Compatible software packages on CP 5412 (A2)
Protocol: S7-5412
Compatible databases: STARTUP.LDB; PROFIBUS
L2 bus parameters

L2 address: 1
Highest station address: 15
Transmission rate: 187.5kbd
Mode for L2 bus parameter calculation: UNIVERSAL mode (automatic)

Make sure that your IRQ is not occupied by another device. To complete the Siemens setup, press OK and configuration of the CP card is finished. You have to restart your computer so that the new settings can take effect.

Configuring Citect:

I/O Server:

Server Name: Siemens

Boards Form:

Board Name: S7_Board
Board Type: SSEVEN
Address: 0
I/O Port: none
Special Option: CP_L2_1:
Where the Device Name is the hardware device name including the colon (as is the case with this example),  it can be found in the SINEC Reconfiguration CP 5412 (A2) Dialogue, PC hardware parameters area.

Ports Form:

Port Name: S7_Board
Board Name: S7_Board
Baud Rate: none
Data Bits: none
Stop Bits: none
Parity: none
Special Opt: VFD NAME
The name specified in the VFD Name field in the COML S7 setup dialogue.

I/O Devices:

Name: S7_device
Address: S7
Use the Connection Name found in the Connection List field in the COML S7 setup dialogue
Protocol: SSEVEN
Port name: S7_Port

Note: Device Name, VFD Name and Connection Name can not exceed 32 characters in length and they are CASE SENSITIVE. No space(s) are allowed on either side of the name.