Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.01

Question: I get the error message "I/O Device <name> does not match I/O Server" when I startup Citect. What is causing this error message? 

When the Citect Client attaches to the I/O Server, the Client will check that its I/O Device configurations are compatible with the I/O Server. If they are incompatible you will get the error "I/O Device <name> does not match I/O Server", with the <name> set to the name of the invalid I/O Device. You should check that the configuration of that I/O Device is the same on the Client and I/O Server. The best way to make sure that the I/O Devices are compatible is to run the Client and I/O Server off the same project. You may also have an Include project which is common to both projects which contains all the I/O Device configurations. This will prevent you from ever having incompatible I/O Device configurations.