Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

Some devices using the Applic (Applicom) driver will fail to initialise. 

A possible cause of the problem is that the OnLineTestAddress parameter needs to be set in the Citect.ini file. This parameter is discussed in the specification under the heading Driver Specific Parameters as follows:

OnLineTestAddress - This is the Applicom address of the bit to read to determine if the PLC is online.

A unit is not considered online untill a successful read of a digital is made from address OnLineTestAddress.

OnLineTestAddress defaults to 0, if no ini option is set. This parameter is needed because for some devices or device configurations, 0 will not be a valid address.

Place in the Citect.ini file the following setting:

OnLineTestAddress= (put some valid address here)

In addition, when using the Profibus FMS protocol with the Applic driver, note the following Citect.ini parameter setting for the Applic section:
OnLineTestInputBit - Set this to 1 if using Profibus DP and then function Readdifibit function will be used instead of Readdifbit at unit initialisation (default is 0).