Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.00

The following form is displayed on starting Citect Explorer:

[Citect Explorer] form banner

An unexpected exception has been encountered while accessing your project databases.
ODBC return code: -1
Error decription: General error Failed to get the expression service
Drivers SQLSetConnectAttr failed
General error Failed to get the expression service

ODBC error string: State:S1000,Native:51,Origin[Microsoft][ODBC dBase Driver]
State:IM0006,Native:0, Origin[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]
State:S1000,Native:51, Origin[Microsoft][ODBC dBase Driver]


  1. Delete odbc*.* from Windows\system directory or equivalent
  2. Re-install Citect - this appears to load the correct ODBC drivers

To date this problem has only been reported on PC's running non-english Windows