Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

Using the Kingfish driver, the driver error code 52 and generic error code 25 occurs, indicating "Data not valid". Other symptoms may be dips in the Trend or momentary #COMM display. 

At regular intervals, the driver makes requests for the Cfails (Communications failure count) Network link register of each of the RTUs defined in the Citect project.

When Citect makes a request to the driver for a particular block of data, the driver checks the Cfail parameter for the corresponding RTU. If it is greater than the Citect.ini defined Maxfails parameter, then the driver immediately replies to Citect with an error. Maxfails defaults to 1.

The cause of the problem could be that on startup, some Kingfisher units might get a comms failure, but after that work fine. So if this is the situation, then the Maxfails parameter should be set to an acceptable level above 1. For example:

Maxfails= 2

In the event of regular communications failures, due to interference on a radio link for example, you may need to tune this value. (The maximum value for this parameter is 65535).